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Battle of Britain and the Battle of the Atlantic

            Both of the wars the Battle of the Atlantic and the Battle of Britain were both important wars for the Allies and the Axis powers. The triumphs of these battles gave the allied powers confidence and force during the war. Germany had a very strong military force and had taken over captured Poland and was going throughout Europe with force. The two different battles pivotal wins put a stop to German actions and stopped the Germans from their invasion plans.
             The Battle of the Atlantic went on for five full years straight. It turned out to be the longed battle out of the war. The Atlantic waterways were of the utmost important because Britain needed the food and the supplies from the Allies. Britain needed over a million tons of supplies in order to survive and fight at the same time. These water ways were there life lines. The landings at Normandy, on D-Day most of the fighting men and their equipment actually came across the Atlantic. The Battle of the Atlantic put U-boats and other warships of the Kriegsmarine and aircraft of the Luftwaffe against the Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Navy, and Allied merchants. The Battle of the Atlantic took almost 2500 allied vessels and almost the same number of planes. Germany was bound and determined to try and keep the allies from supplying Britain and was constantly targeting the supply ships. When the Allies beat the threat from the U-boats is was huge step in pushing the Germans back. The battle was ever changing with all the new weapon measures and counter measures the new stuff each side was using. .
             The Battle of Britain was not fought by an army of soldiers or marines or in the water by sailors but all by the Air force and its airplanes. It is also said to be the largest aerial bombing. It was Hitler's plan to use bombing Britain into doing what he wanted. What saved Britain was the RAF (Royal Air Force) and their pilots who dedicated their lives to stopping Hitler.

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