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Male muslim sense of honour

            The Muslim males sense of honour is more a sense of pride.
             Amongst their culture men believe that they are dominant gender and that they deserve the highest amount of respect and there are acceptable punishments for people who do not respect them. .
             In these men's eyes they are everything, they are there country and without them the country could not survive, they do not realise that without women how are there children brought into the world, how are there children raised, how are there meals prepared and put onto the table?.
             The Muslim men avoid shame at all risks, it is almost though it is form of death and if disrespect is brought upon them then the will go to all extremes to regain their reverence.
             There is a huge sense of inequality amongst the men from these cultures. They use women as there sexual toys; they believe that is what they are there for.
             They would have been brought up thinking women were their slaves and in their eyes they believe that the way the women are treated is acceptable. Their religion is often manipulated to make their actions acceptable.
             The men in these cultures often use honour to conceal them from punishment. If a man's wife has betrayed him then it is acceptable for him to torture her and kill her as she has dishonoured him and it is through the killing and beating of wives that they can regain their pride. The death of the women is more important then the possibility of losing face, an expression used in our culture.
             So many men can hide behind their honour for acceptance but in my opinion isn't using honour as a shield a form of coward ness, therefore a way of losing pride. It would be in our culture so you can see the differences in opinion that vary from country to country.

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