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Be Annoying

             Its a fine line to walk between the completely bumbling and the only slightly annoying. For those of us who observe these kinds of creatures daily, it often boggles the mind just how they can be so completely aggravating. Well the process is simple really, you only need to make a few small changes in your lifestyle to join this select group who are the talk of the community and the one man show at every party.
             Start at the begining and lets resculpte your daily activities. Remember it is not so much that you must make large changes it is that you must be repetative and stubborn in your annoying nature. So, you wake to a beautiful Monday morning ready for work and busting at the seems to join your comrades at the salt mines. You may notice as you exit your house that your meticulously hung Christmas decorations are still weathering the elements. Pay no mind to the fact that it is mid July and the neighboors are starting to give you funny looks. On your drive to work remember to honk and wave at complete strangers, attention on yourself is key to sucsess. Cruise mindfully in the right hand lane with your left blinker on, for about 15 miles. Only at the last moment make the correction to swerve across multiple lanes of traffic into one of the 'Full Service' booths to pay your toll. Just for fun, neglect to see the multiple one dollar bills in your pocket and insist to the attendant that you pay with a one hundred dollar note. After such a good time on the road, exit your car in the parking area and setup orange cones in the middle of the drive-thru to throw off your buddies who are pulling in behind you. Theres a reaction you won't forget! Now you are in the elevator, making your way up to your office, make it a point to touch strangers. A simple poke on the arm or in the back will draw heads throughout the crowd. If somone becomes cross with your playful attitude just remind them that 'I was just messing around man!'.

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