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            A recent article posted online at AOL's health center talks about a common knee injury. The article discusses why women are more likely to tare an ACL than men and what women can do about it.
             First, it is important to understand just want the ACL is and what it is important for. ACL stands anterior cruciate ligament for and is one of two ligaments that crisscross within the knee. This ligament is important for stability in side to side motions. The ACL is commonly torn while playing basketball, soccer, or any other sport requiring quick turns or pivots.
             To find out why more women who play sports suffer an injury of the ACL than men Edward M. Wojtys, MD, medical director of the sports medicine program at the University of Michigan asked for help from 12 women and 12 men who play NCAA Division-I basketball, volleyball, and soccer, and from 14 women and 14 men who play endurance sports; bicycling, crew, and running. .
             After designing a test that would simulate a pivoting motion while landing on one knee Wojtys measured how well the athletes could stiffen their knees. Even when evenly matched, whether based on age, height, weight, ability, or body mass, the men faired better. It was not that women can not develop knee stiffening muscles but rather that they need require more training than men.
             Wojtys determined that training for men and women should not be the same, but rather trainers and coaches should use specialized training routines to strengthen muscles that protect the ACL.
             Overall, although it is true that women suffer more ACL injuries than men, it does not need to be. Through strength training a women's knee can become just as strong and stabile as a man's.

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