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Vermont and Florida

             I find it hard to think that two states can be completely different, with only few similarities. Vermont and Florida both have characteristics about them that no other state could replace. .
             Vermont has such a quiet atmosphere. From the countryside to the big towns, you find almost every inch of Vermont appealing. With the green fields and the bright colors of the foliage, it can be very pleasant to look at while driving, or just going for a walk at the fact. The towns are small, and the people for the most part are acquainted to a vast majority of their fellow townspeople. They host big town get togethers and are very involved in their alumni duties. The lanes of a road are usually small, and some not paved. You can find most farm houses filled with children and their pets. .
             On the contrary, Florida has such a wide variety of settings. You can still see your farmhouses with the children and pets. Just don't count on seeing any mountains in the background. The trees for the most part are green, due to the fact that they are mostly palms. The streets are filled with cars on two or four-lane roads, and most of the people seem to be up-to-date with the latest fashions. You can always count on their being something fun to do on the weekend. Whether it's going to be Oktoberfest, or maybe even Daytona Bike Week, you find yourself amongst the crowd of some of the biggest partiers in the world.

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