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theme in lord of the flies

             The theme of William Golding's Lord of the Flies is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature (Goldling). The island represents our society. Man cannot survive without society and order because the nature of man itself is evil, and the society is what covers up that inner nature. Society holds everyone together, and without it, the ideas of what's morally right and wrong are lost.
             The defects of human nature are shown through the characters of Jack and the hunters. Jack represents anarchy, savagery, and that evil's inner nature of man. "There was lashing of blood," said Jack, laughing and shuddering, "you should have seen it!" (Pg. 69). This quotation from the book shows that he is cruel and selfish. The boys are the way they are in the book because there are no adults, rules or society. Without society, Jack and his hunters become savages. All these savages want to do it hunt, kill, and do whatever they think is "fun", not reasonable. A person will always-at some point-give in to his or her temptation. As time passes, Jack continues to challenge Ralph's leadership, and the boys become mroe savage everyday under Jack's influence. When Jack destroys the conch, he destroyed the laws and order of the society; anarchy emerged to replace leadership.
             "You knew, didn't you? I"m part of you?" (Pg.143). Even thought he Lord of Flies is seen by Simon as the pig's head on a stick, but this quotation proves that the real beast is not something that could be hunted or killed. The real beast is in the souls and minds of the boys, leading them to the chaos of a society with no reason, logic or rules. This beast is the dark side within all humans. The deserted island is a paradise for the boys because they are no longer under the supervision of adults. The island is a perfect place for "the beast" to surface. In a battle between reason and emotion in a lawless, isolated society, people will eventually let their emotions from the dark side overcome their reasons.

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