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             Can the genetic duplication of humans lead to a mysterious concept in life? By listening to each and every individual's opinion, does cloning seem like an advantage or disadvantage? The debate between the pros and cons of this questioning topic makes several people in this world bewildered. Others either consider it to be interesting or frightening. After taking a glance at the world, we understand the rapid growth of advanced technology, the lack of mother nature, and foremost, the cruelty and jealousy between one another. These factors, as well as many others, affect the cloning of human beings.
             Other harmless techniques, such as organ cloning, may help and save millions. Although, cloning whole humans will some day cause trouble to the human race. This potential method relates to the controlling of nature and one's own genetic makeup. In ethical terms, it is a subject that is unfair to various types of cultures and religions. .
             There is a certain limit to everything, even science. Suppose scientists went too far with this, and began to create perfect people. In addition, we are not robots. After all, we should act just like human beings, in other words, creating living creatures like ourselves is not our job.
             The growing hatred and envy between a person, and its clone would remain a never-ending matter of dispute. Not only will the world be repugnant, but life would seem fake and confusing. Imagine a cruel leader who could have a boundless amount of his supporters. Just because the clone of an innocent being is created, does not mean they are exactly identical. The copy of the actual person will have environmental factors, which results to a different personality. The clone could be a supporter of the evil. Some of the terrible odds that would haunt the society would especially be the psychological perplexity of family relationships. For instance, a clone is created of someone's mother or father.

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