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Integrity in Arthur Miller's The Crucible

            Being moral, showing heroism, and stating the truth is rarely the easy way, especially in 1692, Salem, Massachusetts. "The Crucible," (1953) written by Arthur Miller, is a play that describes a horrible event in American History that resulted in nineteen innocent deaths. This event is known as the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, a series of accusations of innocent people practicing witchcraft. Throughout all these accusations Integrity was a major theme. Integrity is being honest and having good strong moral principles. .
             In "The Crucible," Mary Warren is one of many characters in "The Crucible" that doesn't demonstrate integrity. She was a servant of the Proctor household and was put into a tough situation. As like many others, Mary was falsely accused of being a witch. The only way Mary though to save herself was to accuse John Proctor. After Mary was questioned by the court she broke out and said "He come at me by night and every day to sign, to sign"(Miller 1314). .
             Instead of being honorable, and telling the truth to judge Danforth, Mary called out John Proctor and called him the Devils man. To prove her point that she was innocent Mary said "No I love God, I go your way no more. I love God, I bless God" (Miller 1314). This shows Mary does not love God if she is lying, and falsely accusing others to save herself. To characterize yourself as having integrity, you have to simply tell the truth, no matter what the consequence is. Characters like Mary do not have integrity, however people like Giles Corey and John Proctor demonstrate this quality.
             An example of someone that illustrates good integrity is Giles Corey. Giles wife was also one who was accused of being a witch. Giles put a petition together that stated his wife and the other women are innocent and had 91 people sign it. Danforth charged Giles with contempt of the court because he would not release the 91 names.

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