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Integrity in Arthur Miller's The Crucible

            The Salem witch trials were a dark moment in our nation's history. It was a time when innocent people were accused of practicing witchcraft, and those who didn't confess to this, they were hanged. This horrible tragedy of 1600's Salem was captured brilliantly by playwright Arthur Miller in his critical success, "The Crucible." In his play, he successfully chronicles the hysteria that overtook this small village, and through it's dialogue, demonstrated just how far people may go to protect their morals and beliefs. .
             Some of the accused were so persecuted and tormented that began to believe they were actually guilty of practicing witchcraft and went so far as to confess to their "crimes." Others held onto the knowledge that they were innocent and these individuals were executed; and died with integrity. In Miller's play, "The Crucible," the words of John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and Elizabeth Proctor demonstrate how far a man or woman with integrity will go to defend their innocence. .
             John Proctor is the husband of Elizabeth Proctor, who is condemned to death for the accusation of witchcraft. Miller explains through this novel that there are false accusations and terrible situations that happen every day. People must get involved right away and should not have to be forced into the situation to protect others from falsehood. Individuals should stand up for what they believe in and should be proud to tell the truth. .
             The death scene of John Proctor illuminates this theme that Miller has illustrated. Whenever the witch trials initially began Proctor did not want to get involved with the proceedings, even though he had information that could have dismissed all the accusations of witchcraft. When Proctor's wife is accused of witchcraft this is when he becomes involved in the trials. He does everything in his power to deny the claims that his wife practices witchcraft. He goes too far when Mary accuses him of wanting to overthrow the court and so Danforth throws Proctor in jail.

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