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            Alex Lopez Lopez1.
             Dr. McDonald.
             Brit. Lit.
             August 14, 2003.
             Life's Greatest Lessons.
             Life's Greatest Lesson's is a magnificent novel written by Hal Urban. It contains lots of useful information that can be helpful in growing up. The book talks about a lot of different things you learn in life and helps you know what to do in each situation. The book emphasizes to choose the right choices, and most importantly , gives you great aspect of life that help build character. Hal Urban has a lot to offer, but only a few chapters apply to my life. Success, humor and motivation are some of the chapters that grab my attention.
             In Urban's book, my favorite chapter was chapter one, "Success is more than money making". I like how he tries to get the point across that success cannot be measured in dollars and cents . To some people its all about the money and to others, its all about the enjoyment and pride that they get from what they are doing. Money is not necessarily going to bring out a persons success. It's the happiness a person should feel in what he or she is doing. All the money in the world cant buy happiness. It all takes hard work and dedication so that one can achieve personal happiness and success. Wanting to learn more and more everyday without getting bored is what keeps people striving to be successful. Unfortunately, to some people its all about the amount of money you have in the bank and to others it's simply the satisfaction they receive from completing their goals and doing what they love to do. It's all whether you feel happy within, if you never feel happy in what you are doing then you will never be successful. .
             Humor is a great characteristic people like. Hal Urban explains how having fun and humor is said to be the medicine to life because it helps a person relax and forget about problems they may be causing them stress.

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