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ThePrice of Being a Woman

             ALCALDE AUGUST 7, 2003.
             Different generations of life begin. And yet a "contagious disease" had not been treated. From the earliest tradition of the ancient people regarding the way they systematized their government, discrimination and sexual injustice already took place - women were disregarded.
             Virginia Woolf, an English novelist and essayist, focused her works on feminism. Her emphasis was not on the plot or characterization but on the characters" consciousness, and perception and movement of authorial mind, which she brilliantly illuminated by the "stream of consciousness" technique. Her works were primarily symbolic and filled with superb visual images. This was revealed in one of her short stories from Monday or Tuesday which is basically entitled the An Unwritten Novel. .
             The story principally summarizes on how the narrator formulated or imagined what life may the woman, Minnie Marsh, has whom she had encountered in the train, and how she related it to her own life. It concerns with the problem of oppression regarding political, sexual, emotional, spiritual and intellectual issues.
             Man versus woman. According to the short story, Minnie Marsh, as imagined by the narrator, was unhappy, coward, and being oppressed. She was discriminated by James Moggridge, a traveller who had an enormous appetite. During his Eastbourne day, on Thursdays, he visits the Marshes. And every time he would take his meal with them, he would not take a look at Minnie. As an excerpt from the story says, "he won't look at Minnie till the bread's swamped the gravy dry." .
             Woman versus woman. Not only she was being discriminated by a man, she was also being discriminated by a fellow woman. Once, she was compared into Hilda by two elderly women. They both implied that they prefer Hilda than Minnie.
             Also, Hilda Marsh, her sister-in-law who was referred to as blooming, full bosomed and matronly, became dominant in terms of financial cause.

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