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            "If I could be like that, I"d give anything just to live one day in those shoes." Everyone at some point in time has felt somewhat jealous of another person's looks and physique. Everyone has looked at those people on billboards and advertisements and wanted to look like them. Well, looks are inherited through genes and can only be slightly altered; physique on the other hand is something that can be changed by as little as half an hour in the gym a day. I believe that Louisiana State University students should spend time at the Student Recreation Center (REC). I am a firm believer in exercise, even though some people don't think its as important as it is time consuming, but there are a few people that agree with me. .
             For the past year or two I have been working out on nearly a daily basis. The result was losing two percent of my body fat and gaining fourteen pounds of muscle mass. Working out provides a way for relieving stress and releasing tension and anger; it gives you a sense of confidence and pride in yourself. When you work out, you can slowly chart your growth, and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Whenever you set that unreachable goal when you start working out, you slowly work towards it until you do the impossible and reach the goal. At that moment you feel as if you are the strongest person in the gym. I can't begin to express the joy of accomplishment in words. It's truly an experience you need to go through yourself to understand. A good workout isn't the only thing available at the REC; there is a track, basketball courts, cardio workouts, and countless other ways to stay in shape. Its nearly impossible not to find a way to stay in shape that you don't enjoy. Each provides its on way to let off steam from the day, and each provides its own sense of accomplishment. Whether you finally beat someone at a sport, finally run three miles with out taking a break, or finally bench two hundred and thirty pounds, you can't beat that great feeling that you have accomplished a goal.

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