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Early Roman History

            Background: The ambitious and resentful Mettius of Alban sought to turn Rome's allies against the great City. Though present at the battle he initiated, he fought for neither side, as he knew the victory could go either way. King Tullus of Rome realized this yet was able to turn Mettius indecisiveness to his advantage and won the battle. Following the fight, Tullus patiently waited to exposed the traitor. After doing so, the general is executed while his people are spared and given Roman citizenship.
             Tanaquil, wife to a King of Rome, once cared for and accepted a widowed woman into the Palace as her home and husband had been destroyed by the Roman Army. Here, Servius Tullius was raised to be a fine Roman citizen; so outstanding that he was to wed the Kings daughter. This angered the sons of Ancus and the King was murdered. Servius, though hesitant, took the thrown and ruled well for forty-four years. .
             During a reprieve from battle, a group of young officers decides to prove their manhood through the honor of their wives. Traveling home, the group finds their wives entertaining various men yet one wife is home attending her duties. Lucretia, deemed the best wife for she is both beautiful and proven chaste. The leader of this group, Sextus Tarquinius, is determined to take Lucretia as his own and returns one night to make his move. She resists but surrenders in the end when he threatens her with disgrace. Lucretia is unable to deal with these acts, and, after hearing the vengeful vows of her husband, she kills herself. .
             Brutus accompanied Collatinus to his wife's bedside following her rape. Brutus already has a yearning for Sextus' death and that of the Royal family (Sextus Tarquinius is son of King Lucious Tarquins). He now can bear no more and he appeals to the masses in Rome. The tales Brutus speaks enrage the citizens. They exile the Royal family and Brutus and Collatinus take their seats as co-consuls, ending the reign of Kings over Rome.

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