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Immigration Should Stop

            America should close its borders and not let any more immigrants in the United States. There are three reasons to back this up. Number one is that over half of the American people don't believe America should let immigrants into the United States. Another reason is that crime rates are much higher in cities with an overwhelming amount of immigrants as opposed to cities with not so many. There is also more welfare dependency, and twice as much unemployment. And the third reason is that immigrants are crowding America and hurting the economy. .
             According to a poll on fairus.org, 67% of Americans think America should close its borders. And 83% of Americans favor lower immigration levels. 70% want immigration reduced to 300,000 annually. Which basically means that the majority of Americans don't like the fact that the United States is so open to immigrants coming into the country. If Americans don't agree with what is going on in their country it should be stopped.
             It is a proven fact that crime rates are higher in cities with a high number of immigrations. There is twice as much welfare dependency as well as twice as much employment. America has enough problems trying to feed, clothe, house, and employ its own people let alone immigrants from many other countries. If immigration stops maybe some discrimination and hate crimes in the United States will. You never know until you try.
             Immigrants are crowding America. They are also hurting the economy. There are about 27 million immigrants already living in the United States; this is a larger population than 49 out of the 50 states. .
             Immigrant population as a whole is a huge net burden on the economy. Even if immigrants are helping the economy in the short run, they will harm the country in the long run because they are causing the territory of America to become overpopulated. The population of the United States was 130 million in 1930, over 260 million today, and if current immigration levels continue, it"ll be 340 million by 2050.

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