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Media and US Foreign Policy

             In the course of current events it is essential for any foreign policy analyst to be able to have knowledge of different perspectives concerning the current political situation with the United States policy towards the Middle East. Within this context, this paper has as its purpose to analyze various newspapers from around the globe and understand there perspective on the current situation with Iraq. In addition to understanding there perspective this paper will provide an analysis of the region's sentiment as compared to the New York Times. New York Times.
             "US and allies ask UN to affirm Iraq won't disarm" New York Times.
             "US seek support at home by going back to UN on Iraq." New York Times.
             In both articles of the New York Times the United States clearly expresses that war on Iraq must take precedence and it must be soon as time is running out. Unlike the Jordan times which, states the war on Iraq as an invasion by the United States, the New York Times states the war in terms of a military action which is inevitable. The New York Times seems very concerned with US diplomatic relations internationally. The American paper has seemingly continued to publish polls that show that Americans are unwilling to enter any armed conflict against Iraq without US approval. It seems that most Americans are not willing to go to war unilaterally. It also seems that the New York Times is an advocate of this since it continuously report on the importance of international approval to lower anti-American sentiments abroad. Therefore, although the New York Times reports on American interest it also demonstrates that unilateral action against Iraq would be horrible. The New York Times expresses the concern and fear of the majority of Americans when analyzing the possibilities of war against Iraq. Ultimately, although The New York Times is un-bias it does not completely report all the concerns of the international community because in conclusion all of the different regions of the world will be affected in different ways by this possible war.

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