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             The theory of relativity explains gravity as a curve of space-time caused by the.
             If the curve is pretty weak, Newton's laws of gravity can describe.
             most of what is seen. Massive or thick objects generate a very strong gravity pull.
             The most compact objects are theorized by relativity to have such a strong gravity.
             pull that nothing, not even light, can resist the gravitational pull. These objects.
             are called a black hole. The main reason is that no light can escape from inside.
             a black hole; it has, €œdisappeared from the visible universe.€œ.
             Some people don€™t think that black holes really exist; however, most physicists.
             believe that they do. Even Einstein strongly denied that black holes exist, thinking,.
             as did the majority of his colleagues, that black holes were a only a mathematical.
             possibility. He died in 1955, before the term "black hole" was thought.
             of and observations and evidence for black holes began to rise. Black holes are .
             all very well in theory, but if they really exist, how do they form?.
             Here is the basic theory behind the creation, or forming, of a black hole. Throughout.
             the life of a star, nuclear fusion in the core will generate electromagnetic radiation.
             The radiation that is generated creates an outward push of pressure, which fights.
             against the inward pull of gravity. Eventually the nuclear fuel reduces, because.
             of the reduction of fuel, the outward radiation pressure lessens. When the pressure.
             weakens, the gravitational pull increases and compresses the remaining nuclear fuel.
             When compressed the temperature rises, and creates the outward push once again.
             Ultimately, all fuel is consumed, and the core of the star collapses. If the star.
             has enough mass, or is dense enough, then it could become a black hole. Other possibilities.
             are that it could either become a white dwarf or neutron star. .

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