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            One day a man sitting in a tree came up with an idea that he would define art. This not all too surprisingly is not the way we have evolved. Instead we have no definition for art other than "the conscious use of skill and creative imagination ." At the time that I went to see the comical play Art I had a very distinct idea of what art was and was not. To me art was something like the Sistine Chapel, or the Michelangelo; I had no interest in walking into a "modern art museum." After seeing this play, I did venture into a modern art museum and I saw things that never before had I imagined. Although not directly obvious to me at the time that I saw the play, this play changed the manner in which I viewed art, and introduced me to an appreciation of things that others do not have chance to understand. .
             The play is about three friends, Serge, Marc, and Yvan. Serge goes buys an expensive modern painting, and then ambles on about its beauty, and how he easily would have paid more for the work. At this point my young mind was racing, trying to imagine what this painting was, a beautiful sunset, a landscape from the highlands of Scotland, or a serious portrait. I could feel the emotions of these types of work just by imagining them, and then I saw the painting. It was a medium size canvas, which showed "nothing." It was painted white, and only white. I couldn't believe my eyes, "this was not art," I thought to myself, "how can this play be called Art!" I was outraged, and then it began. The friends began to argue and argue about this painting, Serge saying it was a masterpiece, while the Marc yelled that it was a piece of junk, and Yvan just could care less. I was definitely agreeing with Marc. But as I pondered the scene before my eyes, I wondered, if it was nothingness than why would they be arguing, it had to be something, and it was. .
             The play continues on and Marc decides to show Serge just what art is.

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