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How Can Our World Protect The

            How Can Our World Protect The Human Rights Of Women And Children in countries where they are frequently denied?.
             The universal declaration of human rights states that "all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights". Throughout the world this right is largely recognised and practised, with the majority of humans taking adequate schooling, health care, and fair justice systems for granted. So if there is a universal declaration, meaning every single person in the world should have these rights, why are there still individuals who still have to withstand torture, violence, and extreme violation of their human rights? (1).
             The total disregard by some countries for peoples human rights have lead to barbaric and totally sickening acts against persons. And the most horrific cases have to be those inflicted against defenceless and fragile women and children. .
             The work of Amnesty International has helped to expose the once hidden atrocities of basic human rights violations in the worlds. Atrocities such as the human rights and gender issues in Afghanistan.
             The emergence of the Taleban in 1994 created a new intensity of abuse towards the Afghanistan women. The new regime banned them from the basic rights of education, employment and simply leaving home without a male relative. The regime even lead to the lunacy of women having their fingers removed for simply wearing nail varnish or to the extreme of execution for defying the Taleban orders. (2).
             The abuse of human rights does not stop at women but children too.
             The right to be a child is one that is appreciated and expected throughout the world, yet even in today's enlightened times thousands of young people have never and will never have that right.
             In Sierra Leone internal conflict began on 1991 in that time more than 5,000 youngsters have had their childhoods stolen through forced recruitment by both oppositional and forces allied to the government, enforced to become perpetrators of human rights violations themselves, fuelled by enforced drugs, alcohol, or simply sheer fear for their own lives.

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