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Homeland Security: Our best option? Or an inevitable decisio

            Every action results with a reaction, one that screams for a need of change, whether better or worse. After the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th, living standards for the citizens of the U.S. were greatly affected. This was a time where a change was needed, and a change was necessary soon. President Bush attended to the situation by comforting the nation emotionally. He attempted to make people feel as if there was nothing else to worry about with the millions of dollars he was spending for protection and prevention. Citizens accepted the implications that he was making, and showed a strong spirit of support and pride in our nation. Along with his ideas, however, he was raising the dollar sign extremely higher than it had already been. This is shown when taking a look at the facts given regarding homeland security. Homeland security is a program dedicated to serving and protecting the United States from any type of future attempt at terrorism. How much is this program going to cost? What kind of question is that? Why would you care how much our government is spending towards this "miracle program" that is going to keep all of us alive? Well, lets go over the details of this program, the costs involved, results thus far, how others view the idea, and my feelings on the subject.
             In November of 2002, President Bush appointed a new department of homeland security. This was the first department to be born into the cabinet since 1986, so changes started to occur, and would soon create a snowball effect. This new department was strictly dedicated to counter-terrorism, not the strongest issue in the U.S. before September 11th 2001. Homeland security merged more than 170,000 employees of 22 different agencies, which created a strong foundation to protect and assume all potential of the program. This program had started through an umbrella of already hired workers, through time and patience would soon branch out and require dishing out more and more money.

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