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The Forgotten Paradise

            It is disgusting realizing how AIDS is destroying the Haitian population. To avoid the spread of an incurable sickness like this, it is essential for a government to warn its people. Prevention is the only way to fight AIDS. Therefore, a strong campaign informing Haitians about the fatal consequences of catching that infection should be provided by a responsible government. However, Haitians politicians seem more concerned about promoting tourism than protecting their own population.
             Once someone is diagnosed AIDS in Haiti, although as an intern in a Haitian hospital admits "we do not know sometimes. The blood test is inaccurate. There are many false positives and false negatives", his or her life changes dramatically. They notice their disease is lethal. But they do not know that there is nothing for them to be done. No treatments. Absolutely nobody to help them out. "Sometimes the families abandon them Every day, then, a relative comes to see if he patient has died", the Haitian intern asserts. Even though, their hope is not shattered. They constantly go to the hospital to see if something can cut off their illness. But once again, their government has nothing for them. The unprofessional personnel in the hospitals do not have any equipment to help anyone. Moreover, hospitals are even lacking water. Further infections can be spread due to this hygiene deficiency. In these conditions, what are they supposed to do, give up?.
             Some try voodoo. "It is voodoo evil her", a home priest warns. Consequently, the remedy seems to be worse than AIDS itself. "The voodoo priests tell the men that in order to appease the spirits they must perform anal sodomy on another men This is what is spreading AIDS" the priest remarks. On the other hand, who can blame those people? It might be terrible to realize that the time you have to save your own life is running out, but you cannot do anything at all. This struggle is even harder when your own loved ones turn their backs on you and "let you die".

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