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An inspector calls

            "But each of you helped to kill her!- Do you agree with Inspector Goole's words or do you think that some characters are more responsible for the death of Eva Smith than others?.
             "We are responsible for each other- (Act 3) was one of the concluding quotes that Inspector Goole left the Birling family with, eyeing each of them sardonically. He, being portrayed as the voice of conscience, shows that all actions do have consequences and doing something as simple as firing an employee from a job can turn into a series of bad happenings, which can possibly end in a suicide. Accepting responsibility and being responsible are two very different things. If it came to choose a character in, "An Inspector Calls-, who was thought to be most prone to accept responsibility then Sheila would have the majority of the vote. Whereas when asked who the most responsible for Eva Smith's death was, there are numerous different points of views regarding whether or not all or one single character was the most responsible, or guilty. Personally I think that some characters should have more responsibility to carry from the death than others. This being because of what may have happened between Eva Smith and the character or something the character did to prevent Eva Smith from leading a longer and more prosperous life than she did. It could also very simply be because of the pure selfishness of the character in mind. "We don't live alone, we are one body."" (Act 3) was another powerful sentence from the Inspectors final few lines that makes you think about what you are doing and whether what you do affects someone else. This being said to the Birling's, being capitalists, doesn't make you wonder how all of the members of the family were able to affect one girl, in a million. .
             Eva Smith had a job, an income and a life before Mr Birling fired her from her everyday job because, "She had a lot to say, more than the rest.

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