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club drugs and raves

             Raves, nightclubs, bars, dances, and parties are places young people go for fun and good times. Rave parties have become trendy amongst youngsters all over the United States. Unfortunately, these rave parties come with something more than just safe fun. People dancing for hours at a time might not seem so bad to the common onlooker. Teens dancing with baby pacifiers in their mouths might seem like a fashion trend. Other teens might be drinking water from water bottles while others pass around kids vitamins and some walk or dance around with a painters masks. However, what is really behind all this? Can they be considered safe new trends for "ravers" (teens that go to raves). Many would like to think so, but that is not the case. Most of the teens attending these raves are using drugs and might use the drugs to party all through the night until the next day. Now a days the so called "party drugs" are not only found at raves but also at school's, nightclubs, bars, dances and parties. What are party drugs? Party Drugs are drugs primarily used by young adults at dance clubs and raves . Most of the rave drugs are man made and the potency is not regulated. The most commonly used drugs according to illicit drug reporting system (IDRS) are Ecstasy, LSD, Amphetamine powder, Methamphetamine crystal ("base") and MDA2. The drugs are used for different reason and each drug has a different affect on its users. Unfortunately most of the users are young adults and are unaware of the affects of the drug. Their ignorance to the drug may lead them to serious trouble and sometimes cause their death. Some of the drugs might be fun to try. However, what is really behind this new wave of drugs? .
             What is N-methy1-3, 4 methylenediozyhamphetine3? Alternatively, what people know as Ecstasy, X, XTC, Adam E, Love Drug, and Doves. Ecstasy is a hallucinogen. It belongs to a family of drugs called "entactogens," which literally means "touching within.

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