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Beautiful Music By Beautiful W

            Why is it so difficult to recall the name of a single woman composer of classical music, regardless of when she lived; and why is it seemingly impossible to recognize and identify a piece of her music? Throughout history, women composers scarcely existed, and the ones that did, were often forgotten over time. From the early centuries to the present, music by woman composers have changed in many ways. The music by composers such as Francesca Caccini, Lili Boulanger, and Amy Beach illustrate the talent of women composers as well as the differences in women's music over time. .
             Francesca Caccini and her music are both great legends. She is one of the only women to gain recognition for her music during a time when this type of work for women was extremely rare (Salm, 1). It is said that Caccini was the first famous woman composer known to history (Mann, 27). She was an Italian composer born in 1587 and died about 1640. This composer came from a family of talented musicians. In fact, her father was Guilio Caccini, a well-known musician and composer. One of his great works includes an opera called "Euridice- (Salm, 1). Like her father, she accomplished many great feats throughout her life. She was one of the first known females to write an opera. By the time she was thirty-six, she was the highest paid singer and lead composer for her fiancée's court, the Medici's (Salm, 1). Francesca Caccini made a huge impact on the world of music, which still stands today. .
             Although Caccini was a prominent individual at this time, none of her works were published until her father died in 1618, and to this day some of them still have not been fully recovered (Salm, 2). Her music was written during the Baroque period. There are several characteristics of Baroque music that set them apart from other periods. Some of these include constant motion, lack of cadences, highly ornamented, terraced dynamics, and opposition of forces.

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