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The Stolen Party

            Ideas of Assimilation: "The Stolen Party".
             Rosaura, a delightful sweet girl was the primary character of the simple, little sad story. I liked the way the author introduced the little girl and gradually managed to drove the readers attention and sympathy for Rosaura. The little girl although being the best at the party fails to assimilate herself into a privileged social sphere of the rich, which relates to the tittle of the story " The Stolen Party ".
             The author succeeded to put up a contrast against knowledge and power. Senora Ines possesses the power that she has earned being a rich man's wife. Her application of power over Herminia and her daughter was clear in the story when she asked Rosaura to help her serving the guests. On the other hand, Rosaura's has the knowledge and earned the experience working in Senora Ines's house, with what she warned her daughter Rosaura that she is considered as a maid's daughter in that house. Despite of the fact, Rosaura was unconvinced of her mother's belief, just like she had strongly knew the monkey would be there at the party, and she continued to think herself as a friend of Luciana.
             Rosaura had achieved the confidence in that house. Handling the jug of orange and being careful not to break anything allowed her to enter in the kitchen. Rosaura was asked to help Senora Ines to serve the guests tells her capability of being responsible. At the same time she is a partner of Luciana doing their homework together and even sharing their little secrets. In the party she was the most significant girl. She won the sack race, all the boys wanted her in their team when playing charades. Passing out the cakes around she had a feeling of a queen and she was glowing with her laundered dress and shiny hair when the magician thanked her by saying my little countess. She had also perceived her achievements, feelings and admiration of the people around her that made her think that she is also a part of the people in the party.

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