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Drug and Alcohol Users

            Drug addicters often do not realize the furture consequences they will have to face. One-thing drug addicts fail to realize it that they are not the only ones being hurt by their addiction. They have this newfound ability with destroying their own life mainly financially and emotionally. Once they become addicted to the drug, or drugs of their choice they will do anything to get it. They may steal from their job and family, like it's a normal behavior, just to get that quick satisfaction. A drug addict can deplete all of his funds like it is nothing at all just to please his craving and this kind of thing can be a burden on his family. These kinds of behavior tears families apart, leaving children with out mothers or fathers and cause their perception of the world to become negative and now the children are poisoned as well. All this turmoil in the family could only bring turmoil to the community.
             After losing everything, job, house, and the family drug addicts have nowhere else to turn to but the community. Maybe some of them will get it together and find a rehab but more than half of them won't. Drug addicts are people as well so they"ll need some place to stay. Now the nice house on the block becomes an abandoned house, which becomes a squatter where drug addicts live and get high. Now our park benches become polluted with homeless drug addicts night after night. Drug addicts also need to eat but they have spent all of their money on their addiction so here comes the stealing, either by stick-ups or burglary. So because of the use of drugs in our community our property value has went up along with our crime rates and the only thing that has gone down is our hope for a better world.
             Operation Safe Street is an action that is taking place in Philadelphia. It is what the mayor calls cleaning up the corners of drug dealers. Maybe he forgot the drug addicts. If they take the drug dealers out of one community isn't there another community that supplies drug dealers, against their efforts? Isn't there another way for the addicts to get their needs? Now this drug problem is spreading and enveloping the world.

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