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Rose for emily

            In the short story, "A Rose for Emily- Faulkner describes how mysterious Emily's life is and how nothing is what it seems. First there is a watch that represents Emily's time of life. There is a metaphor of Toby and the Cane. Then there are the buggy rides which involve sexual relationships.
             The invisible ticking watch that Emily wears represents time. The sound of her watch ticking will never let her forget about her duty to stop time and stay in the past. As time goes on so does her and her giving china painting lessons. As her ink is faded away so will she. .
             The ebony cane is a metaphor for Toby because they both help support Emily. Toby is always there for Emily. When Emily is sick Toby is always there for Emily. When Emily is sick Toby helps her get well, he takes care of her, he opens the door for her, and he gives her food. He gives support to her in everyway. The cane helps Emily by helping her stand up and helping her walk around. Both the cane and Toby have helped her through her life.
             The mysterious buggy rides Emily took have made a big impact on her life. Buggy ridding means more than just a ride with your lover; it's having sexual contact with them. Emily's buggy riding with her father and her husband after her fathers death has changed her beautiful life into dust because after she hardly goes out or sees the outside of life. People around Emily and her husband Homer were thinking they were madly in love after they ran away and got married.
             In conclusion Emily's mysterious life became a nightmare. Her timeless watch, Toby and the Cane, and the buggy ridings made Emily's life what it was. Nothing was what it meant to be because she started as an ingénue to becoming the antagonist. .

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