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"When you look for truth, do n

             From the past to the present and from the present to the future, people are seeking about what is truth and how to find truth. Generally, truth can be defined as the property of being in accord with fact or reality. Sometimes, people also think that the truth is a fact which has been examined by scientists or has been proven by some powerful people. The truth can be seen through people's life and often, people try to believe what they have seen. However, the truth must be determined by people's knowledge and the truth must be sought out from people's heart. The most common mistake that a person makes is when he gathers the truth through his eyes. For instance, a particular student may think that he gets the wrong answer because that his solution has fractions or negative numbers. The student may be right about that he has the wrong answer. However, if the student can calculate the question in another way, he might find out that his answer is correct. Thus, when we are looking for truth, instead of seeking the truth through our eyes, we have to find the truth in our heart. .
             Talking about the science field, the absolute truth does not exist because errors will always affect the truth through the experiment and the errors will always appear in the experimental result. However, scientists believe that only through the experiment, they will be able to approach the truth. In doing so, the science world define the word truth as an idea which is suggested as a possible way of explaining facts or proving an argument. Before the scientists are actually doing the experiment, they will have to state a hypothesis in order to talk about what they are doing, why they are doing the experiment, and the conjecture about what the scientist the result will be arose in the end. Follow by stating the assumption. The participants will choose the right apparatuses and write the methods in detail in order to decrease the errors.

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