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'N Sync

             "I"m sick and tired of hearin" all these people talk about, what's the deal with this pop life and when is it gonna fade out? The thing you've got to realize what we"re doin" is not a trend. We got the gift of melody, we"re gonna bring it "til the end"(Pop).
             Right now, at the age of 19, I am a little embarrassed sometimes to admit who my favorite group is. This is because most people would look at me, and say "But you"re 19 years old! You"re not supposed to like them." But I can't help is "N Sync is my favorite bands. I have gone to a few of their converts and have their posters plastered all over my wall. When I first heard their music, I knew that they were always going to be one of my favorites. It just had a way about it that made me want to get up, dance, and sing. This is a tremendously talented group. They have mastered the art of getting a stadium full of people on their feet, dancing to their music. A lot of people are under the impression that the guys are only a hit because they have their good looks, but if that were the case, "N Sync wouldn't still be around today. Not only can these "boys" sing, but they are excellent dancers. Now, that matched with good looks, and you have "N Sync; the number one selling "boy band".
             out there.
             'N Sync consists of Joshua Chasez ("JC"), 23, Lance Bass ("Lansten"), 21, Joseph Fatone, Jr. ("Joey"), 23, Christopher Kirkpatrick ("Chris"), 30, and Justin Timberlake ("Justin"), 20. They formed their group in Florida. The boys came together as a band after JC and Justin (who knew each other from the Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club), met up with Chris and eventually Joey and decided to form a band. They knew they needed a 5-part harmony, and they were missing the bass, so they found Lance for this part. The name 'N Sync came from the synthesis of last letters from their nicknames: Justin - Chris - Joey - Lansten - JC.
             "N Sync got its" first big break as a group in 1997, when they signed a recording contract with RCA records.

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