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Experences Of People Being Bul

             Most everyone has bin bullied at some time in his/her life, and most people will admit to bulling some one else or some people have witnessed others being bullied and will live to tell about it for years. Most of the people who were the bullies or the bullied will have regrets on what they did or did not do. Everyone has regrets and learns from their regrets that they have made. I no a regret that I have had was when I witnessed a fight at the movies between my friends from Smithtown and another group of friends from Ward Melville. This was a time that I witnessed a fight and I did nothing about it, also because there was nothing I could have done about it.
             My friend Jill and I were at the movie one night over the summer and we were going to hang out with our friends there. We were in the back of the movies when we found out that some one from Ward Melville wanted to fight one of my friends from Smithtown. Now something you have to understand is that the kids I hang out with, have no feelings. They don't care at all whom their going to fight as long as they fight to prove that there "tough" and so they can gain "respect". I have always bin agents fighting and I hate it when my friends fight. People from Smithtown and Ward Melville surrounded my friend and the person whom he was fighting. In the circle they were just circling around each other waiting for the other person to through the fist punch. I was just a face in the crowd watching these to boys getting ready to beat the shit out of one another for NO REASON. It took all I had to keep my self from running out into the middle of the fight and stop it from actually happening. I thought about it and if I did, it would have created a bigger problem then it already was, plus I wasn't going to get myself hit in the mix of it all. As soon as the fist punch was thrown, they were going at it. Everyone was cheering like it was the Super Bowl.

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