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Cujo Summary

            "Cujo," by Stephen King, is a novel about a sweet innocent St. Bernard who becomes rabid and wreaks havoc. In the beginning, Joe and Charity Camber and their son Bret live out on an old farm place where Joe fixes cars in the old cow barn. They have a large St. Bernard named Cujo. Vic and Donna Trenton are on rocky marital ground. Vic and his partner Rodger have an ad firm, Adworx. It was going down the toilet due to a bad batch of die in a cereal the firm represents. Possibly, making them lose their most important account, the Sharp account. Vic's son Tad wakes nightly afraid of a monster in his closet. Vic receives a note from Steve Kemp informing him of how Steve enjoyed screwing his wife. Shortly after, he and Rodger leave on a two-week business trip to attempt to save their company. At the same time, Charity wins $5000 in a lottery. She uses the money, sex, and a new cherry picker to persuade her husband to allow her and Brett to go visit her sister Holly and family for a week. Cujo, chasing a rabbit into a hole, contracts rabies from a bat. He killed Joe and his neighbor, Gary. Donna takes Tad out to the Cambers to have Joe look at her carburetor. The car breaks down there and Cujo sieges them to the car. It was the hottest summer in years and they had little food and no water. Vic becomes worried when he tries to call home many times with no answer. He calls the sheriff to send someone over to check out his house. The officer discovers the kitchen and living room vandalized by Steve Kemp. Informed of this, Vic immediately rents a car to drive home. The sheriff goes out to the Cambers to look for Donna, Tad, and the Pinto. Cujo also kills him. A few hours later, Vic can take sitting no longer and he drives out there himself. He arrives just as Donna finished killing Cujo with an old baseball bat. He finds Tad dead in the back hatch of the pinto.

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