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Life Changes As A Major Source of Stress

             The reason I choose this topic because life changes was one of the major sources of stress in my life. Stress had a severe adverse effect on my health. I was getting married and also moving to another Continent. This had a tremendous demand on my body both physically and mentally. I was unable to differentiate between the stress of getting married and the stress from moving to another Continent. Stress of moving five thousand miles away from my family and friends and having to start everything fresh. I was very anxious to get the move done and to get started with the new life and new family and friends. I was preparing myself for moving five thousand miles away and I am not going to be as close to my family as I was before. By not being emotional and it would be easy for me to move and get started with my new life with my new family and friends. .
             It was 16th April 2000, the day I got married. It was raining in the morning and the sun came out in the afternoon to bless me for the big day. Everyone was busy with their own chores and getting themselves ready for the wedding. I was getting ready in my parent's bedroom with one of my friend, the beautician and the hairdresser. I felt like a Barbie doll that people were dressing. My mum came into the room from time to time and made sure everyone was calm and were doing what was allocated to them. Finally after two hours I was ready and waiting for the photographer to take picture before I made my way to the wedding ceremony. Indian wedding ceremony can take from two to five hours depending on the priest and the thought made wished that we had elope instead. Everyone was ready and on their way to the wedding hall where the groom and his family were waiting for the me and my family. Time had passed quicker then I had expected and we were ready for the reception and dinner. As the time came closer to the end of the day, I felt very nervous and withdrawn for what was going on around me.

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