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history versus hollywood

            The movie industry can certainly not be accused of going "by the book" when it comes to representing historical events and people. Hollywood has played fast and loose with the truth for entertainment value and the desire to make a political point. Historically accurate movies, that are also captivating, have an immense burden to meet. "To capture the essence of the time through a personal story that captivates movie executives who regularly make movies with Steven Seagall and Bruce Willis seems an almost insurmountable task-(Christian Science Center). Historical accuracy does not mean trying to include everything that happened in a particular time period. Rather, it requires a story that highlights key elements of the period involved while containing nothing that could ever have happened in the time. " Since the beginnings of cinema, filmmakers have chosen historical events and people as subject matter. And they have often been accused of distorting or altering facts and characters-(Schlitt). The historical reality of a historical film does not mean the film must represent everyone throughout that time period. Such a film would be pretty boring. So the answer for historical accuracy in movies must lie in finding an original story that hits on the key points of the era while not disabusing realities of the period in question. .
             James Cameron's epic film Titanic, the most expensive film in history, swept the 1998 Oscars and has been both praised and scorned by critics. Like many historical films, Titanic is not as accurately portrayed as one might think. Although there is some truth to the matter, fantasy prevails in this movie. "The Christian community has been especially tough on Cameron and what they properly sense to be an overly romanticized and unnecessarily cheesy retelling of the historic maiden voyage and untimely ending of the .
             Jordan 2.
             largest moving man-made object of its day-(Historic Resources Group).

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