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does developmnt mean progress?

             There is no set agreed definition for development'.
             development only came into English language in the 18th century. Its root meaning .
             was of unfolding and later extended to the growth': as countries experience increased .
             growth their productive capacity expands and they become develop'. .
             "Development is about expanding the choices people have to lead lives that they .
             value- (Human Development Report 2001). .
             Nonetheless, various definitions of development tend to concentrate on poverty and .
             deprivation in third world countries. .
             The development' issue has become a full-scale argument in recent years. .
             Whether development means progress varies from country to country. Developing .
             countries have become increasingly heterogeneous with differential patterns of .
             development performances. In Africa therefore, the development tends to have a very .
             short history, with development programmes only being set up in the late 19th century. .
             The effectiveness of development that whether it leads to the progress, economically, .
             politically or socially is open to interpretation.
             Development in the West and North America has been steady and .
             successful. Example could be taken from industrial revolution in the UK in relation to .
             development has progressed further the transformation of manufacturing into science-.
             based activity despite new economic problems created by new technologies. .
             However, the positive side to this is that development has made it possible for .
             individuals with some or no literacy skills to enter into most branches of employment .
             by feasible means of "learning by doing-. However, for the developing world the .
             basic process of transforming natural resources into useful end products requires .
             technology exceeding far beyond the knowledge of their population. So any third .
             world country who wishes to catch up to the industrialised core nation in terms of .
             efficiency and diversity of its economic activity faces severe problems of starting its .

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