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Why is Education a Mean To An End?

             How is this end of any use in developing nations? .
             Education for the young in developing nations is vitally essential, as it will provide them with a more promising future. This education is limited to these children, as they don't have reasonable access to it. Education more a less acts like a protection. It helps pave the way to a spectrum of opportunities that lie ahead of them. Limiting this education would mean they are disadvantaged compared to educated people and restricts their ambition and potential. As knowledge becomes of a greater importance these days, countries need to educate more of their young people to a higher standard as a degree is now a basic qualification for many skilled jobs. It is important that we make sure they attain the best they can get to fulfill a better standard of living. Education should stand as one of the top priorities of development as developing nations should aim to expand the quantity and improve the quality of higher education. .
             Basic education is fundamental building blocks for all development initiatives. Statistics show that less than one in five children go on to secondary school in the least developed countries. This is worrying as it shows how unavailable education is to these children. Worse still on a global scale more than 113 million children have never been to school. Half the children in the least developed countries never have the opportunity to go to school and 60 percent of these children out of school are girls. Female literacy in Ghana has jumped from 30 percent to 60 percent over the past two decades; Uganda has gone from 31 percent to 54 percent; even a badly run country such as Zimbabwe has gone from 62 percent literacy to 83 percent. To improvise on this situation the governments have to focus on higher education as it will yield the benefits of planned diversification and will eventually lead to an improvement in governance.

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