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Education For You

            Life is a struggle, sometimes you have to lose something in order to get something, but it's always your choice to consider what you want or need the most. If education improves people's life style and social environment, it also affects our lives in an undesirable way. I know education is essential in almost every aspect of our lives, but do we really want it to entirely take our place? That is, should we give priority to education only and put everything else behind? People see education from different aspects, but one thing about education that everyone agrees on is that it has done so much, socially and politically, for us. Considering all the improvements and differences that education has made, we are unable to see what it has done to us. Today we see education simply as academic success but that's not all there is about education. Being yourself, valuing your culture and identity, and remaining in family are the key issues that we should consider when thinking of getting education. The more we are trying hard to achieve academic success, the more we are starting to grow apart from our love ones and it is changing everyone in certain way. According to Jimmy Santiago Baca in, "Working in The Dark,"" "Only by action, by moving out into the world and confronting and challenging the obstacles, could one learn anything worth knowing."" Usually we have to go out in the world in order to get education and even face lots of problems, but don't you think sometimes it becomes dilemma for us that we have to chose education over our family or family over education, because there are so few people who get education by not going to school. I am aware of the fact that not all the people have to suffer through these things because who doesn't want to get education and still remain in culture and family? But it doesn't always happen this way. Things change, people change. The way we live and where we live does affect us in some way.

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