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Week Sixteen

            It's week sixteen and the division races are coming to an end. The Cougars and Dragons are tied at the top of the division, each with a 9-5 record. The winner of the game will take over the division lead and most likely receive a first round bye in the playoffs. A team with a first round bye not only gets a week off, but then has their first game in their own home field.
             It is now the fourth quarter and the Cougars are clinging to a six point lead with the Dragons holding the ball at the Cougar eleven yard line. This is where the Cougars defense must step up and show why they are the most feared defensive unit in the league. Middle Linebacker Lawrence Harris is the field leader on the Cougars defense. A ten-year veteran and eight time All-Pro, he has earned the right to be the leader.
             The offense has called a timeout in order to develop a goal line game plan and to send out the right players for the situation. This has also given the Cougars a chance to do the same thing. The team must regroup after giving up over fifty yards to the offense on this drive. Coach Davis is irate that the defense has fallen apart like it has.
             "I don't know what the hell you guys are thinking out there. You've held them to short drives all day, and now, when it's most important to hold them back, you collapse. You"re better than that. I know it. You know it. If they make it eleven yards, they win the game, and most likely the division. I know you don't want to have to play in the wild card round, and I also know you want to be able to play at home. You do not let them get those eleven yards. Prevent them at all costs!" exclaims Coach Davis.
             After Coach Davis is done speaking, defensive coordinator Lewis calls his defense over for a talk. "Okay guys, they've been pounding our defensive line with Clement all day. They have plenty of time left on the clock so there's no reason to think that they won't keep pounding him up the middle.

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