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             Frankenstein's decision to hear the monster's story does not redeem him in my.
             Frankenstein has acted very unjust and irresponsible to his creation and will have to.
             do more than hear out his creation's story to be redeemed. When he first created the.
             monster, he ran away from it immediately disowning him just by his look.This made me.
             think of him as disgusting and spoiled which led to me to not like his attitude at all. Other.
             things that made me dislike Frankenstein even more is when he did not speak up and tell.
             people about his monster when his brother was killed, and when he did not speak up when.
             Justine was being accused of murdering his brother. Even though he decides to hear the.
             monster's story out, it cannot redeem him for the sins and crimes he committed. The.
             reasons for why he is also hearing out his monsters story are also very low and.
             inconsiderate. He is only willing to listen so that he can find out if he really killed his.
             brother and just out of plain curiousity. That is why Frankenstein's decision to hear the.
             monster's story does not redeem him in my eyes. .
             Chapter 11.
             When the monster is exposed to society for the first time, the society treats the.
             monster badly and immediately see's him as a cold blooded murderer. They start to run.
             away from him and some throw projectiles at him. The society does not give him a chance.
             to prove himself or show his goodness. I think that humans are naturally good because of.
             them having no knowledge at all. But, if around the influence of bad things or having a.
             dark or lonely childhood, then the human will become bad. I think that Shelly is trying to.
             show the reader that society is very ignorant. If society see's something that looks strange.
             or ugly, then they will immediately make conclusions without knowing the truth or trying.
             to see what the truth really is. This is shown when the creature first goes into the village.
             Even though the towns people did not know anything about the creature, they concluded.

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