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America Shows its Colors

             America Shows Its Colors, an article written in the March 31, 2003, issue of TIMES. The author believes that, "Humility, not hubris, is the crucial to winning peace." This statement coincides with the events of the war in Kuwait. Upon entry into Kuwait, American troops received a remarkable order from top brass, " Stow your flags." While entering into enemy territory all American banners and flags where removed from vehicles and equipment by American troops. Although this request by top military officials seems somewhat un-American, it was important to stress the purpose of the war in Kuwait, "Liberation, not conquest.".
             Even when U.S. troops captured their first town, Umm Qasr, an American flag was raised momentarily to represent victory, and then immediately removed. The article states, "In the early hours of Operation Iraqi Freedom, its diplomacy was as stunning as its precision." This was said pertaining to, "The reluctance to use maximum force for the first few nights to the patient efforts to secure a mass surrender, to the decision to leave the electricity in Baghdad untouched and the public infrastructure intact." The road of humility was a campaign promise made by President Bush, in his 2000 presidential debate with Al Gore. Bush said, "If we"re an arrogant nation, they"ll resent us, if we"re a humble nation but strong, they"ll welcome us.".
             This basically meant that if we as Americans, enter Iraq with an attitude of were taking over, instead of with an attitude of assisting the Iroquoians, in helping them recover their country they will not accept our help. That's why the balance between force and diplomacy is going to be key to future delegations with the dictator free Iraq. It is important to use diplomacy to help smooth over new changes that might be brought along by the war.
             A task that could prove to be somewhat difficult for the U.S. .

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