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             AIDS .
             AIDS stand for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This is the condition caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus called HIV. People who have a positive blood test for the virus are said to be HIV positive. People who have certain diseases associated with HIV infection due to a depressed immune system are said to have AIDS. Being HIV positive does not mean that you have AIDS. HIV is carried in certain body fluids including blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk. These fluids can be contacted from an infected person through sexual contact, sharing of needles, during birth and from breast feeding.
             Most people believe that the origin of HIV, the AIDS virus, allegedly African native, derives from a chimpanzee carrying a similar virus. Most recent research, along with the scientific consensus, says that the origin of HIV and AIDS could never have happened this way. The most highly respected scientists and academicians debated the possibility that HIV, evolved from accidental vaccine contaminations and subsequent transmissions mostly to African villagers.
             When a person is initially infected with HIV there are usually no symptoms for about three months. Then the virus starts reproducing at a rapid rate and the body mounts a strong immune response against it. Flu like illness occurs during this period. The early symptoms of AIDS may include: Mild fever, sweating, enlarged tonsils, enlarged lymph glands, shingles and weight loss. After this initial illness, the immune system continues to control the growth of the virus, while the virus continues to reproduce and infect the CD4 T cells of the immune system. Eventually, in almost all cases, the immune system fails and AIDS develops. This is characterized by a type of pneumonia called pneumocytis, tuberculosis, a virus called cytomegalovirus which infects the eye, lungs or gut and numerous fungal and parasitic infections.

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