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Workplace Stress

             Mohandas Gandhi is a figure in history that will be observed for ages in the future by many people, from Indians to History students like the author himself. Gandhi's past is something that catches the authors attention because Gandhi did a complete 360 from his younger life to the man he became known as to all around the world. Some of Gandhi's accomplishments are amazing for one simple reason; the author explains its not really what he did its just how he did it and it actually worked. The most astonishing movements that Gandhi has produced would have to be his non- cooperation movement and his social reforms that he made in India to make it a better place and also abide with his non-cooperation movement.
             As a young man people would think that Gandhi was a well-mannered boy that had good morals and probably did the right thing all the time, well those people are totally wrong. Gandhi as a young man would be an alcoholic. Gandhi would come to his home every night extremely drunk and when he reached his home he would have to face off with his father who did not approve of his drunkenness. When Gandhi would come home drunk his father would beat him to show him that he didn't want him to do that again. (Sounds like the authors father) Instead Gandhi didn't really care and would come home anyways. One night Gandhi came home drunk again and his father instead of beating him he beat himself to show Gandhi how much pain he was putting his family through. At that point Gandhi learned the philosophy that would make him famous for ages just as it did for Jesus Christ. That philosophy is the one that explains that violence never solves anything. Later on after he realized this non-violent way is where he first started moving forward in his life until he ran into his second addiction, sex. Gandhi was a sex maniac and he loved it. At one point his father was really sick and was dying and only asked for one thing before he died; what he asked for was to have his son at his side to see him before he died.

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