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            Curtin proved another aspect of his ability to be successful in his goals of maintaining a better future for the nation of Australia by triumphantly instigating general limitations for our forthcoming benefit. Commencing in the year 1942, the austerity involved rationing of petrol; beer and tobacco; and general food until the end of the war in 1945. .
             The portioning of petrol from 1940 meant only 26 kilometres of driving could be made by the Japanese people, in an attempt to refrain from depleting necessary resources. Petrol rationing did not only affect Japan, as it extended to Australia where people used large gas burners instead of the ordinary petrol. The government was essential in upholding the fair distribution of petrol and other every day commodities such as food and clothing, which was later introduced in 1942. The government went so far as to say to the public that "the government could not and would not provide enough beer and tobacco for all demands." .
             Renowned persons such as politicians and sports persons were essential in accomplishing a victorious rationing system. John Curtin was a major supporter of controlled distribution, as he showed the public that he himself was under rationing. The fact that some ordinary people even praised the system of rationing shows helpful tips such as cooking columns in newspapers were effectively relieving the stress of needing scarce resources. .
             The initiative of ordinary women during the war was advantageous for people who felt the pressure of lacking ordinary amounts of important goods. "Austerity loaf" is just one example of the many groups that were founded during this period, exemplifying their resourcefulness. Elsie Curtin (the wife of John Curtin) published an article named "Austerity hints by Mrs Curtin" in the "Argus" newspaper in Friday 18 September 1942; this article further exemplified that even the more significant members of Australian society were taking up the cause of restriciton.

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