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Integration and Segregation in Schools

            In the article 'Integration versus segregation: the experiences of a group of disabled students moving from mainstream school into special needs further education' from Disability and Society (Vol. 40, No. 4, June 2004, pp. 387-401) the author, Pitt and Curtin, presents their report on the research conducted on the disabled students. The research focussed on the factors responsible for selecting specialist colleges, instead of, mainstream colleges by the disabled students. It is a well planned research and, has covered many aspects effectively and minutely. .
             In the research, the main focus of Pitt and Curtin was to know the views of disabled students regarding 'similarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses', (Pitt and Curtin, p. 389), between mainstream and specialist college and, their reasons for opting specialist college for further studies. The students who volunteered for the research, aged between 16-21 years, and they had received education at mainstream school and then had moved to specialist college. The 'triangulation approach' of the research included the method which gave each and every student enough time to think, and the chance to speak in the group, and as well as, individually (Morse; Denzin & Lincoln, cited in Pitt & Curtin, p.389). In addition, the views and the students' experiences were recorded and transcribed for further analysis. On the basis of the interviews, a draft was drawn, to be presented in front of all the participants for the final feedback and the corrections, if required. The results of the research clearly showed, that the students were left with no option other than specialist college, when the question arises about the quality of education and their accessibility within the college. .
             However, participants did not fail to report that mainstream colleges also lacked to provide social, psychological and clinical support to the disabled students (Llewellyn cited in Pitt and Curtin, p.

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