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The Women Inside

             A party is not a party without party mix available. If you want to be the person to get the party started with original Chex Party Mix, the following information will help you to accomplish that and to be the talk of the party. Just bringing it to the party is one thing, but to feel the full satisfaction, you must make it and mix it yourself. Not only will you be making a tasty snack, but you will also be making a memory. "Somewhere in the last hour, you started out making Chex Party Mix, and ended up making a memory," says the back of the Chex box.
             First, you must have a clean kitchen, counter, sink, and an empty oven. Wash your hands, and wipe down the counter till both of them are smooth and spotless. Then pre-heat the oven to a modest 250 degrees Fahrenheit and start to prepare your items. You will need a large stainless steel bowl, a large deep baking pan, measuring spoons and cups, a mixing spoon, and a fork. The following is the measurements of what you will need: six tablespoons of butter or margarine (tending to your taste and health standards), two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce( I double it ), 1.5 teaspoons of seasoned salt, 3/4 a teaspoon of garlic powder, 1/2 teaspoon of onion powder and these ingredients combined will make your sauce.
             Next take the butter or margarine and cut into about five or six slices and slip it into a measuring cup. Place it in the microwave for about two minutes on about half power or until fully melted. Then, mix in all of the powders and liquids, and mix them together with a fork as if you were scrambling it. Now your sauce is ready. .
             The next process you will be using the dry ingredients and the large stainless steel bowl. Measure out three cups each of rice, wheat, and corn Chex cereal. Also, if you would like, one cup of mixed nuts or Cheerios, and one cup of stick or tiny bowtie pretzels. After you have all of those measured out, pour them into the bowl and mix them up gently as to not break up the cereal.

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