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Click and Brick Marketing

             The internet application called the world wide Web (WWW) is one of the technological tools that is making a significant impact on marketing. The Internet is a wed of more than 2.2 million computers linked by telephone on more than 32,4000 connected computer networks and is accessible in 135 countries and territories (Kotler, P. 2000). The marketing strategies of click-and-click and brick-and-click organizations differ, with the strategies linked to their different backgrounds. The marketing strategy needed in an online market also differs with one intended for a store front, with different factors becoming important. The factors associated with Internet stores will now be discussed, with these factors linked to the common marketing approaches taken by click-and-click and brick-and-click organizations.
             Web Site.
             The first characteristic of the Internet store is the importance of the web site. The web site is the basis of the Internet store, with accessibility and ease-of-use determining whether the customer will purchase from the store and return to the store. The web site is the equivalent of a retail store front's location, if it is easy to get to, customers will be more likely to visit it again. Unlike retail stores, the biggest concern is how easy the store is to move around in. Ease-of-use is said to be the most significant factor, with ease-of-use comprising three attributes: how quickly the web site downloads, how easy the first page is to understand and how easy it is to navigate between pages (Kotler, P. 2000). Click-and-click retailers have built their businesses based on the online presence and so tend to be aware of how important the web site is. Part of their marketing strategy involves making the web site as convenient and easy-to-use as possible. Brick-and-click companies tend to overlook this aspect, believing that it is their product or their brand name that will attract and keep customers.

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