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Born & Raised

             Living in Maine for my entirety; twenty years, has had its ups and downs. But, a family like mine; we managed to have more ups than downs. It's a small family: just Mom, Dad, my brother Doug, and myself. We have been more like a pack of wolves though. Because, we always stuck to each other and we took in anyone less fortunate then us and treated them like a member. Throughout my life people have come and gone but each has made an impression on my life and in some distorted way, have helped to raise me. Aside from my family, I believe it is true that my surroundings had a great impact on how I was raised. .
             My life began in South Portland, Maine - actually, not too far from SMCC. We lived in a white, two-bedroom house with a picket fence. Unfortunately, we rented it monthly, which made our day-to-day budget a bit tight. Although things were rough at times, we always managed to stay content with what was provided to us.
             We lived in a great neighborhood. There were many kids to play with and our favorite place was my backyard. I remember playing there for hours and hours, and just like anything else in my life, it was always an adventure. There was a small pond with cobblestones surrounding it. Catching toads and bloodsuckers was a favorite past time for Doug. He is 9 years older than me and relished that it didn't take much to frighten me. Chasing me around the perimeter of our house with oversized bullfrogs was somehow funny to him. I never saw the humor in it. But, the oak tree that stood beside the pond was my very own sanctuary. I would climb it and just sit there and think, just wonder about the things that little girls wonder about. This particular tree was large in size and was the home of many birds and critters. It may sound weird, but the tree was alive to me, maybe even my best friend when it felt like no one else was listening. It is the center of many of my childhood memories. I even gave the tree a precious gift when I was five years old.

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