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correlational study

            This research article chosen is entitled, Individual Differences in Children's Emotion Understanding: Effects of Age and Language. It came from the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology; September 2003, Volume 44 Issue 4, p 347, 7 p. .
             It's logical to assume that as individuals get older, they tend to mature in additional areas of life. In the extent of the last two decades, it has been proven that emotion understanding can alter with age. Recent studies have begun to focus on children's individual emotion understanding. Researchers in this study also hypothesized that as children mature, their emotion understanding will increase. The researchers" first goal of this study was to examine the development of individual differences in children by assessing a test containing nine different components of emotion understanding. Their second goal was to observe the relation between language ability and individual differences in emotion understanding. Eighty children ranging in age from four to eleven years were tested. As expected, there was an increase in emotion understanding and language ability with age. In each age group, it was clear that there were individual differences in language ability and emotion understanding. Age and language ability collectively explained 72% of emotion understanding conflict; 20% of this variance was explained by age single-handedly and 27% by language ability. The research conducted was a correlational study. As the children increased in age, their language ability and emotion understanding also increased. In this case, there was a positive correlation. After the exposure to an original research report, I realize that even the most practical situations could be a product of a psychological study. I expected the research article to contain more scientific information resulting in confusion. As for the results of the actual study, I"m not surprised. It's logical to assume that when aging occurs, it will expand language ability and emotion understanding.

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