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Julius Caesar

            Julius Caesar is one of the most notable historic figures. He was a great military mind and used his popularity gained through victories to rise to power. His leadership helped Rome become a prosperous civilization. .
             Julius Caesar was born about the year 100 B.C. or 102 B.C. He was born into one of the oldest families in Rome. Some say that he was destined to rise to power. At the time Rome was still a republic and the empire was in its early stages. Most people tried to become consul or praetor so that they could conquer lands and build their reputation. .
             Rise to Power.
             Julius Caesar was always a member of the democratic or popular party. He quickly gained popularity with his party and a reputation for public speaking. In 74 B.C. he went into Asia to drive away the Cappadocian army. Upon his return, he helped the government and helped to advance the position of Pompey, the head of the popular party. Caesar was made military tribune before 70 B.C. and was quaestor in Farther Spain in 69 B.C., he helped Pompey to obtain the supreme command for the war in the East. He returned to Rome in 68 B.C., and in Pompey's absence was becoming the recognized head of the popular party. His praise of Marius and Cinna made him popular with the people, but the senate didn't feel the same way. The thought he was getting to powerful and would become a threat to them.
             In 63 B.C. he was elected pontifex maximus, meaning high priest. After serving Rome as praetor, Caesar returned to Spain in 61 B.C. as propraetor where he won a considerable military reputation with a victorious campaign against the Lusitanians. At 39 years old, he now was able to seek the Consulship, the highest and office in the Roman Republic. After many years of conquering lands he was named dictator for life in 44 B.C.
             Julius Caesar gave Rome many needed reforms. First he established great public libraries and theaters in hopes that Rome would become a center of art and learning.

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