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Marx, Theory

             For generations most American people believe that there is nothing better than Democracy. It is true Democracy is great, however why hasn't our government ever considered Socialism for a change. Why is that we never see a socialist running in the campaign for president? Maybe it is because we don't know much about Socialism for a socialist to even get a chance in running. In a socialist society the means of production are owned by the workers rather than by a rich minority of capitalism as it is in United States. In that kind of a society people can control production and it is for the good of people rather than for someone to profit from it. This means that people wouldn't be employed by an owner, it would be like they are working to for their own fruit of labor. In a Socialist society there is no rich or poor, everyone is equal. Whenever we think Socialism we first of all think Karl Marx, George Orwell, and Emile Durkheim. Of course the reputation that Karl Marx has gained throughout his life can't compare to any other Socialist, but they all had great theories. Just like if we take a group of just regular people and we will bring up a point, they will have different opinion and theories about it. Same thing happens with socialists, they all have different points of views however they stick to the base of Socialism. .
             All Socialists just like all Philosophers have different point of view to things, and they strongly stood by their belief. George Orwell believed that all political theories, except of course Socialism, are hopeless. But he believed that there were two different types of socialism, one was utopian and another realistic. The realist socialism didn't mean that the world can be perfect with this ideology, but it can improve it. And even though many Socialist believe that by having all people balanced in wealth it would make it a perfect society, Orwell argued that this wasn't true.

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