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"A Rose for Emily"

             "A rose for Emily " is written by William Faulkner. In this story she pottery's life of a women named Emily Grierson, who is gone mad. Her mental illness is caused by the series of incidents in her life and the environment she has been living in. Emily seems bizarre to the people of the town because of her life style, but Emily thinks she is superior to other people, as her father was the Mayer of the town.
             Emily Grierson was a southern girl who was born and brought up by her father, in a small town of Mississippi. She lived in this typical southern town all her life. Emily was thirty years of age when her father died. This incident had a deep impact on Emily's mind and made her mentally sick. It was after this tragedy in her life, when she started acting strange, stopped seeing people and stopped coming out of her house. The word all over the town was that she has gone mad.
             After the death of Emily's father, she got involved with a man from north named Homer Barron. He was the love of Emily's life. Emily wanted to live with Homer for her entire life. But then all of a sudden Homer disappeared. Town's people thought that he had left the town, but less they knew that homer has lost his life. When Emily realized that Homer is not the marriage type, she killed him. She thought that this is the only way Homer can be with forever.
             When Emily stopped coming out of her house people assumed that Emily lost her mind because Homer had left her. It was after this she was never seen in public. People knew she was alive because they some times spotted her in the windows of the house. She spent rest of her life with the corpse of Homer after she killed him. Emily had been a loner all her life and she was sick of it. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with some one she loved and the only way she could do this was by killing Homer. The reason why she had been alone all her life was because of her controlling father who did not let her be with any one because he thought no body is good enough for his family.

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