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             Redistribution of Wealth can help better our society in many ways, ways that can help the United States finally be the "perfect" country that everyone would like it to be. Redistribution of Wealth is said to "help eliminate high unemployment rates, which would prevent another 2,500 premature deaths a year." The government has always tried to get rid of child poverty, and with Redistribution of Wealth we can save the lives of 1,400 children under the age of fifteen every year. "Lowering premature deaths would be concentrated on the most disadvantaged areas. A combination of all three policies would get rid of more than half of the "excess" deaths in constituencies with above average premature mortality rates." (John Carvel, September 26, 2000).
             Redistribution of Wealth is said to "punish" the rich by taking away some of their wealth, this is a "gross exaggeration of the truth". "Most wealthy people would never have needed the money taken from them for taxes and don't lose anything tangible in parting with some of their money because there is nothing they would ever have needed that money in order to buy." I believe that this states that the money that is taken away from them in taxes is not needed, because they usually have so much money they don't really need the little money that is taken away from them. The bottom middle and the lower class will get the money and they will benefit a great deal from it, and the wealthy class will have less money and they will learn the meaning of a dollar. (Nathan Foell, February 2, 2002).
             Some people state, "Redistribution of wealth by the government, for example Welfare or Social Security, is egalitarianism put into practice at the point of a gun." This is true in some sense, the government wants to redistribute wealth because they want all the citizens to feel equal, and there is no superior. "At the point of a gun", I can refute that by saying that everyone is taxed; it's just that people with more money get taxed more.

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